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GLAESERgrow – More than a brand!

We offer a full range of cover materials for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. By using our products, you can achieve better quality and crop consistency as well as yield increases. They also help protect against the weather and facilitate early harvesting, among other things.

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Telephone: +49 (0) 731 3981 – 62
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Email: grow@glaeser-textil-ulm.de

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GLAESERgrow – Our products!


Nonwoven Crop Cover
Sugar beet Protection Cover
Straw, Hay Bale and Corn Protection Cover
Wood Chip / Compost Protection Cover



Perfolia Perforated Film
Greenhouse and Minitunnel Film
Mulch Film
Biodegradable Film / Green Asparagus Film
Substrate Film
Rain Protection Fabric

Mulch Materials

Ground Cover
Mulch Nonwoven

Protection Nets

Anti-hail Net
Weather Protection and Anti-bird Net
Anti-insect Nets
Shading Net
Multi-climate Net
Anti-mole Net
Climbing Plant Support Net

Fixing materials

Ground Peg and Ground Peg Shim
Special Clip
Raschel Bags
Berry Container

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