GLAESERgrow Wood chip/
Compost Protection Cover

GLAESERgrow Wood chip/Compost Protection Cover

The ideal cover of wood chips for outdoor storage! The GLAESERgrow Wood Chip / Compost Protection Cover ensures excellent protection against the weather and wind and is extremely tear-resistant, breathable, water-repellent and insensitive in terms of rainfall.

Mold growth can also be easily avoided by using the GLAESERgrow Wood Chip / Compost Protection Cover. This way, the loss of quality of your wood chips can be prevented successfully and without a problem.


Vlies für Hachschnitzel
Hackschnitzelschutzvlies von Glaeser Grow

Product features:

  • tear-resistant
  • breathable
  • permeable to air
  • water-repellent
  • insensitive to precipitations
  • highly UV-resistant
  • easy implementation
  • suitable for multiannual use


  • ideal cover for outdoor storage
  • durable protection from the elements
  • protection against mold formation
  • prevents quality loss

approx. 200g/m²green 4m x 50m
5m x 50m
6m x 50m
*more sizes upon request


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