GLAESERgrow Sugar Beet Protection Cover

GLAESERgrow Protection Cover

The GLAESERgrow Sugar Beet Protection Cover protects the high-quality of sugar beet crops permanently during outdoor storage in winter, thus preventing frost and strong temperature fluctuations from leading to quality losses.

The protective cover can be easily installed on the sugar beet clamp. Due to the high UV stabilization, a multi-year use is guaranteed!

Schutzvlies für Zuckerrüben
Vlies für Zuckerrüben

Product features:

  • tear-resistant
  • breathable
  • permeable to air
  • water-repellent
  • insensitive to precipitations
  • highly UV-resistant
  • easy implementation
  • suitable for multiannual use


  • ideal cover for outdoor storage: protection against frost and severe temperature fluctuations
  • avoidance of quality loss

approx. 110g/m²
approx. 130g/m²
5,50m x 55,00m
12,40m x 35,00m
13,00m x 30,00m*
*more sizes upon request


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