GLAESERgrow Fixing Materials

GLAESERgrow Fixing Materials

The GLAESERgrow Sandbags are made exclusively from the highest quality, free from reclaimed materials and 100% PE (HDPE).

State-of-the-art weaving technology and the strictest quality controls ensure uniform weaving, maximum UV stability, maximum resistance to shifting and extremely long service life (up to 10 years and longer).

Befestigungsmaterialien von Glaeser Grow

GLAESERgrow Sandbags

Randsäcke von Glaeser Grow

Product features:

  • manufactured from high-quality raw materials with no reclaimed plastics and 100% PE (HDPE)
  • uniform weaving
  • micro-mesh monofil yarns
  • UV-resistant
  • high quality


  • gentle to the cover material
  • long service life
  • time saving through easy and handy implementation
  • ensures neat work
  • incl. handgrip (for size 250x1000mm)

Bag sizes
green, with yellow marking stripes270 x 600mm (400 bags/box)
250 x 1000mm (250 bags/box)


GLAESERgrow Ground Peg & Ground Peg Shim

Erdnagel und Erdnagelscheibe von Glaeser Grow
Ground PegGround Peg Shim
Size & contentContent
14cm - 1000 pcs./box
20cm - 200 pcs./box
500 pcs./box


GLAESERgrow Special Clip

Spezielclip von Glaeser Grow
black504 pcs./box with eyelets


GLAESERgrow Ground Anchors U-steel

Erdanker U-Stahl von Glaeser Grow
23cmU-steelØ 3,5x230mm250 pcs./box
15cmU-steelØ 3,0x150mm250 pcs./box


GLAESERgrow Raschel Bags

Raschelsäcke von Glaeser Grow

Product features:

  • robust
  • tear-resistant
  • high quality
  • different sizes
  • available with or without strap
  • with red/black edging


  • gentle transport and storage alternative in fruit and vegetable cultivation

GLAESERgrow Berry Container

Raschelsäcke von Glaeser Grow
MaterialDimensions 500g
PETapprox. 192mm x 115mm x 58mm
MaterialDimensions 500g
Dimensions 250g
woodapprox. 183mm x 113mm x 67mmapprox. 118mm x 74mm x 42mm