GLAESERgrow Anti-insect Nets

GLAESERgrow Anti-insect Nets

Our high quality polyethylene protective netting offers a high degree of versatility: they protect your crop from a multitude of threatening pests as well as from the wind and weather!

The netting is available in different mesh sizes, depending on the purpose and crop. Our GLAESERgrow flea beetle net was, among other things, successfully tested against the cherry fruit fly. We offer a 5-year UV warranty, with a typical usage time of more than 12 years.


Anti-insect Nets

Flea Beetle Net

Product features:

  • wear- and tear-resistant
  • highly UV-resistant (min. 5 years)
  • multiannual use (regular use period 12+ years)
  • resistant against mildew and rotting
  • good resistance against chemicals and successfully tested for compatibility with “Menno Florades“ (crop protection agent for disinfection)
  • evenly permeable to water, light and air


  • protection from a large number of dangerous pests
  • protection from the elements
  • protection from damages of birds and wildlife
  • higher quality and resistance of your produce
  • optimum plant growth

Anti-insect Net
Flea Beetle NetProtection Net Plus
Mesh size*approx. 1,3mm x 1,3mmapprox. 0,8mm x 0,8mmapprox. 0,8mm x 0,8mm
Weightapprox. 75g/m²approx. 95g/m²approx. 75g/m²
Protection (i.a.)summer cabbage fly,carrot fly, bean fly, radish fly, strawberry blossoms fly, cherry fruit flyflea beetle, allium leaf minercabbage whitefly, drosophila suzukii...epitrix, allium leaf minercabbage whitefly, drosophila suzukii...
Widths2,50m / 4m / 5m / 5,50m / 7,50m / 8,50m / 10,50m / 12,50m / 14m / 16m / 18m*2m / 2,50m / 3m / 3,50m / 4m / 5m / 5,50m / 7,50m / 8,50m / 10m / 10,50m / 12,50m / 14m / 16m / 18m*2m / 2,50m / 3m / 4m / 5,50m / 7,50m / 8,50m / 10,50m / 12,50m / 14m / 16m / 18m*
Shading factorapprox. 22%approx. 25%approx. 25%
*other mesh sizes upon reques


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