GLAESERgrow Straw, Hay bale & Grain Protection Cover

GLAESERgrow Straw, Hay bale & Grain Protection Cover

With the GLAESERgrow Straw, Hay bale and Grain Protection Cover, you can optimally protect your straw, hay bales and grain from the weather and wind. Our protective cover is permeable to air, highly water-repellent, tear-resistant and substantially less sensitive to wind than film and fabric tarpaulins. 

For stored grain, the Hygiene Regulation demands the prevention of pollution caused by birds, dust and other foreign bodies. Our protective cover reliably protects grain against external pollution and also ensures good ventilation. The protective cover can be either weighted on the ground with the GLAESERgrow Sand Bags or fastened with our Ground Anchors.


  • protection against the elements
  • rotection against external soiling (birds, dust and other foreign objects
  • prevents quality loss
  • protection against mold formation
  • easy attachment to the ground through edge bags or earth nails

Product features:

  • permeable to air
  • breathable
  • water-repellent
  • tear-resistant
  • more wind-resistant than films and fabric tarpaulins
  • higher UV-resistance
  • long service life

approx. 140g/m²green 4,90m x 50,00m
9,80m x 12,50m
9,80m x 25,00m
10,40m x 25,00m
12,00m x 25,00m
13,00m x 12,50m
13,00m x 25,00m
15,60m x 25,00m*
*more sizes upon request


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